Alexandre Abyla is a hyperrealism artist. Starting his career as a professional decorative painter, over the course of three decades, he has amassed a diverse portfolio of decors, murals, and trompe-l'oeil pieces. His work graces both public and private domains and encompasses a wide range of styles, from Renaissance and Baroque to Romanticism, Impressionism, Modern, and Contemporary art, as well as abstract and figurative drawing.

Abyla, a natural-born artist, is profoundly in love with both painting and his muse, who fuels his most fantastical and impassioned daydreams. His steadfast love for 'La Femme', this unapologetic and captivating goddess, forms the bedrock of his artistic ethos. With strokes that are strikingly hyperrealistic, he guides us through the deep gaze of his beloved, until our attention is captured by her lips, her silky and shimmering hair.

Abyla incorporates a playful, yet bold gesture into his work, always done sparingly and with a tone that balances humor and romance. In each of his pieces, he casts himself as the chivalrous knight to his lady, ever respectful and responsive to her desires and moods. His brushstrokes are vibrant, his colors lively, all to highlight the radiance of his muse. He captures feminine perfection from every angle, a moving revelation that brims with love, care, and kindness.