An intricate love-hate dynamic, a reciprocal affection, a mildly audacious gesture to whisper ‘I love you’ in your ear in a most disarming way. The Rebel Angel embodies this fiery, robust, humorous, charming, generous, and authentic woman. She draws us in with her expressive eyes, her graceful smile, and her compelling charisma. A vibrant gaze, a provocative gesture – all part of her playful persona. She teases her admirers, pulls faces, and her lips exude an aura of kindness.

This wild woman will resonate with you, no matter where you are in the world – be you young or old, rebellious or traditional, rock ‘n’ roll or chic and conservative. She will intrigue and challenge you, always with a sense of amusement and love. 

Ange Rebelle Décide 73x60cm
Ange Rebelle Démêlée 73x60cm
Ange Rebelle Obscurité 73x60cm
Ange Rebelle Même pas en Rêve 80x60cm
Ange Rebelle Sombre 80x80cm
Sois un Ange Rebelle 140x140cm
Ange Rebelle Tentation 100x100cm
Ange Rebelle Battante 100x120cm
Ange Rebelle Révoltée 89x116cm
Fuck You 130x130cm
Ange Rebelle Rebellion 80x150cm
Ange Rebelle MELI-MELO 130x130cm
I Love You 130x130cm
I Love You 130x130cm
Crème 89x116cm
Pense à moi 100x100 cm
Ange Rebelle Je t'aime 80×100cm
Ange rebelle DUO 146x114cm
Ange Rebelle Doré 120x100cm
Ange rebelle Folle 146x114cm
4 Rebel Angels 97x130cm
Tattoo Rebelle Tattoo Douceur 100x150cm
Maboul 70x140cm
Ange rebelle PLOUFF 81x116cm
Mamie Rebelle 120x100cm
Ptite Chipie 97x130cm
Douceur 89x116cm
Désobéissantes 114x146cm
Princesse Rebelles 120cmx 100cm
Little Rebel Angel 140x140cm
Trio 3 - Le Bain 100x100
The rebel box 81x116cm
Récalcitrante 97x130cm
Douceur Rebelle 100x120