She embodies a love-hate relationship, a reciprocal love, and the audacity to
whisper 'I love you' in your ear with a disconcerting vulgarity.


The Rebel Angel represents this fiery, strong, funny, endearing, generous, natural woman. She
embraces us with her eyes, graceful smile, and captivating charisma...


This sumptuous, unclothed woman will envelop you in her bubble of love.


Hidden behind her dreamy curves and hair is a woman who adores herself and loves others. She gently amuses herself, existing in complete serenity...

Sois un Ange Rebelle - 140x140cm
ange rebelle rébellion 80x150cm
ange douceur MERCI 80x100cm

Alexandre Abyla Artist Painter Hyperrealist Swiss

Alexandre Abyla, a natural-born artist, is deeply in love with painting and his muse, who is the origin of his inspiration and the subject of his most fantastical and passionate reveries. He exhibits an unwavering love for ‘La Femme’, an unapologetic and fascinating goddess who becomes the cornerstone of his artistic foundation.

His hyper-realistic strokes transport us through the profound gaze of his beloved, drawing our attention to her lips and her silky, sparkling hair. Alexandre Abyla employs a repetitive variation of a bold gesture sparingly, always maintaining a humorous and romantic tone.