This exquisite, unclothed woman wraps you in her love-filled aura. Concealed
behind her dreamy curves and hair is a woman who cherishes herself and
loves others, one who delicately revels in her existence with utmost
This woman, at peace with her physique and brimming with confidence,
entices us to behold her radiant beauty, all the while offering a subtle smile.
The Angel of Tenderness delights in revealing the splendor of her soul for all
to see.

Ange Douceur Tendresse 100x100cm
Ange Douceur Tu me Manques 100x100cm
Ange Douceur Douce 100x100cm
Ange Douceur Désir 60x80cm
Ange Douceur Je te vois 80x60cm
MERCI 80x100cm
LA DOUCHE 80x100cm
Ange Douceur 80x100
L'Ange Rouge 89x116cm
Ange douceur( Dolce vita) 110x150cm
Ange douceur(tolérance) 97x130cm
Ange Douceur (avec tendresse) 97x130cm
Ange Douceur Sensualité 100x150cm
Ange Douceur Timidement 89cmx116
Angel Batwoman 80x100cm
Mon Amour 73x95cm
Anges douceurs(modération) 80x100
Ange douceur (désir)100x150cm
Ange douceur(grâce) 80x100cm
Ange douceur (Rebelle) 97x130cm
Angel Blue 100x150cm
Ange Douceur(Séductrice) 116cm x148cm
Ange Coquin 97x130cm
Ange Douceur (avec tendresse) 97x130cm